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Winter 101: A bespoke jacket for the woolly months

by Julie Goodwin, / Sunday July 28th 2019

Tuxedo style jacket with tails in textured silk crepe.

Tuxedo style jacket with tails in textured silk crepe


Melbourne’s winter is a woolly one. On average, we brave 7-degree days for the best part of 90 days, and we shelter from rain at least two days of every seven. I’m a glass half-full kind of gal though, so while it may be dreary for some, for me it’s a great time to layer my outfits and bring out my best coats.

The right investment jacket is one that will outlast one winter too, and serve you season after season, year after year. A bespoke jacket is a keepsake and every time you pull it out, it feels just as good as the first time you tried it on. It’s not just about the style, it’s also about the fit and the feel; the right sleeve length, the right nip and tuck at the waist, and the right fit across the shoulders. When it comes to winter layers, a winter jacket should feel snug, but allow for a knit or a few layers underneath, especially in Melbourne.

My tuxedo style jacket is a staple, and it’s perfect for all kinds of occasions. With tails and texture, it’s a great stand-alone piece with a simple slip underneath or paired with a tulle skirt for a formal occasion. It also works well with a buttoned blouse or silk cami, and tailored pants for a more corporate look.


‘Blackbird’ coat dress in silk moiré taffeta. White tulle skirt.

‘Blackbird’ coat dress in silk moiré taffeta. White tulle skirt

My Blackbird coat dress is an absolutely stunning addition to any formal outfit, and perfect for winter weddings. It can be worn closed or open, and belted to avventuate the shape. It’s the kind of coat that makes an entrance, and it’s a timeless piece that can (and should) be handed down or passed on, because its quality surpasses trends.


‘Claire’ duchess silk satin cocktail dress under wool/silk ‘Tuxedo Trench’.

‘Claire’ duchess silk satin cocktail dress under wool/silk ‘Tuxedo Trench’

For the more relaxed coat connoisseur, my wool/ silk blend ‘Tuxedo Trench’ is an investment for the weekend wardrobe. It can be paired with a little black dress and boots, or with more feminine style dresses and wedges for a nonchalant look. It’s the perfect coat for travel, and a go-to for in-between seasons too.


If you’re yet to find your perfect winter coat, jacket or trench, pop into my Albert Park studio for a chat.

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