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Julie Goodwin Couture features in ‘Sustainable Fashion Melbourne’

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday November 20th 2020

Sustainable Melbourne book cover
After the year we’ve all had, it’s nice to know our local fashion industry can come together and support each other. 2020 hasn’t been without its challenges, but when I see myself in a book like this, I am reminded of the strong, passionate and powerful creative industry I’m a part of.

Greta Lukavic’s ‘Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne: A guide to ethical local makers’ is a rollcall of Melbourne’s finest. From household names like The Ark Clothing Co., emerging cult favourites like Lois Hazel and a twenty-year stronghold like me, each one of the books’ nearly-200 pages detail the beautiful stories of Melbourne’s most loved fashion, accessories and footwear designers.

I’m nestled between 79 other Melbourne makers who share my passion for well-made clothes, and no matter how many times I’m interviewed, I’m just as excited to share the beauty of my work each and every time. And, no matter how many times I’ve said it, I’ll say it again too: a big part of what I do is educating people on what to expect.


Sustainable Melbourne spread
When you’re new to it, understanding the value in a bespoke wardrobe can sometimes be a process. For some women, it’s all they own, for others, they’re lucky to own one bespoke piece in their lifetime. Whatever walk of life my clients come from though, they all share one thing in common: they desire something that gives them greater joy than anything they already own.

It’s about ‘that something special’. It’s that truly magical piece that changes your day when you pull it on. It’s the outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and in control. When a garment has been made for your body and your body alone, no words can describe the feeling of the first time stepping into it, but it lasts, and for the next two, three, five, twenty years – every wear feels just as good.

Pop into my Albert Park studio if a ‘szie you’ is something you’re ready to experience, or read more about my story in the pages of Greta Lukavic’s ‘Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne: A guide to ethical local makers’.

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