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The beauty of bespoke: why investing in quality fashion is smart dressing

by Julie Goodwin, / Sunday October 24th 2021

For more than 20 years, I’ve been dressing women of all shapes and sizes. No two women have ever been the same – and I wouldn’t want them to be either. Our different bodies are what make us unique, and I love the slow and steady process of making an entirely unique outfit, for every unique client.

As a woman and a lover of fashion, I know how hard it is to find anything ‘off the rack’ that fits perfectly, so I understand why my clients come to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “pear” shape or a “square”, a lawyer or a mother (or both!), 20 or 70 years old, we all love feeling great and looking good, and that’s the beauty of bespoke fashion – it doesn’t discriminate.


Pinned pattern pieces on a Julie Goodwin Couture jacket


When I design and make an outfit for someone, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. Depending on the outfit, I can take up to thirty measurements from shoulder slope to hip width, and back curve to arm length, and everything in-between. It’s the meticulous measuring that makes a bespoke garment all worth it when a woman puts it on.

When a sleeve finishes at the wrist, instead of falling short, or the curves of a body are accommodated, not restricted – it shows. It’s what I like to call, ‘a size you’, and there is nothing like the feeling of wearing it.


Finished navy blazer - Julie Goodwin Couture


Investing in bespoke fashion is smart dressing, and it’s sustainable too. An ‘old favourite’ staple skirt that stands the test of time, or ‘that special coat’ that comes out every winter; investment pieces last year after year and they become treasures to hand down.

If your wardrobe is missing a size you, pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting.

The beauty of bespoke: why investing in quality fashion is smart dressing

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