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A Julie Goodwin Couture shoot to define my everyday muses

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday December 7th 2020

Julie Goodwin Couture client photoshoot


Last August, I held a photo shoot to celebrate the beauty and diversity of some of my Julie Goodwin Couture muses – AKA – my everyday clients.

So much has happened since then and I wondered whether or not there could ever be a ‘right’ time to release these images. Last year seems a whole lifetime ago, and we’ve all been through so much. None of us are the same as we were just eight months ago.

But now, as we’re coming out of the 2020 fog, I feel there has never been a better time to express my appreciation for the people around me – the people who make the bad times bearable and the good times better. These people include my clients, many who have become dear friends over the years and a few who are buddies-in-the-making.

As we start to emerge from the year that was, it’s time to celebrate these gorgeous women and thank them for their support and encouragement, so here we go…

Our MUSE shoot is a series of 10 images in total; one group shot, nine portraits. Each client beautiful and unique in their own way, all simultaneously confident and powerful in their Julie Goodwin Couture pieces.

We shot in studio with my favourite photographer, the inimitable Mr Andrew Richey, whose warmth and patience is boundless. Ably assisted by Uber Stylist, Bec Cole who brought the looks together in our styling suite, and Shella Martin with her crack team of hair and makeup artists to bring out the best in all of us, we shared a truly wonderful afternoon.

Over an afternoon of wine, nibbles, giggles, pampering and magical photo-taking, we bonded and enjoyed a few moments to ourselves, appreciating our shared Julie Goodwin Couture experience!

No two women were the same; lawyers, personal trainers, corporate professionals, all everyday women, but in a room together, we were reminded of the joy and simple luxury of relaxing amongst new and old friends.


Behind the scenes Client Photoshoot


Makeup artist


Reviewing the results



Behind the scenes Client Photoshoot makeup artist


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A Julie Goodwin Couture shoot to define my everyday muses

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