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Styling is personal, so is the perfect fit

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday July 22nd 2019



When it comes to something as personal as our bodies and their comfort, bespoke fashion truly is the best way to dress. Every woman has a different way of wearing her wardrobe, and I am constantly inspired by the ways in which my clients take the same garment, and style it uniquely to suit their own lifestyles and personal aesthetics.

The beauty of bespoke fashion is that it lends itself to your most personal styling needs, and when a garment is made for your body and your body alone, you never have ‘nothing to wear’. Whether you’re investing in a white suit and plan on pairing it with your existing wardrobe of shirts and blouses, or you’re investing in a wedding dress you plan on wearing once but need the perfect fit – bespoke fashion is the ‘special something’ that every woman deserves in her wardrobe.


JULIE GOODWIN blazer and trouser

A bespoke dress or tailored suit is a lifetime investment, and the right styling can carry one garment across generations, occasions and all kinds of bodies.

My recent collaboration with stylist Rosie DesChanel is a testament to this, and photographer Carmen Rose has captured my traditional silhouettes in a new light, with help from Mae Taylor and Lucy’s Magazine.

Pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting and let me show you just how good a bespoke outfit can feel.

JULIE GOODWIN trench coat

Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

Sally Mackinnon and perfect navy pairing

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