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The importance of couture and bespoke in the fashion industry

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday August 12th 2019

Hand embellished tailored overcoat, showing detail


I have an innate love of bespoke and couture fashion. As a way to express myself, and produce beautiful pieces that last, slow fashion has always been the only way for me. I design and make fashion for women who want something just for themselves, women who appreciate that step further in fit and fabrication, or for women who can’t find what they want off the rack. I do what I do because I believe fashion should make you feel good in every way.

I haven’t really thought of myself as a ‘sustainable fashion’ designer, but I certainly tick some of those boxes. With the rise of sustainable fashion and an industry shift toward ethical manufacturing, shoppers are becoming aware of the impacts of fast fashion, and it’s a shift I welcome. I’ve been designing and making fashion for over two decades, and call it what you will, I share the values of the ‘slow fashion’ shift and I am a sustainable and ethical manufacturer.


Lady Melbourne being fitted by Julie Goodwin Couture


Bespoke fashion is fashion you can wear with pride, and when an outfit has been made for your body and your body alone, it’s also something you can wear in complete comfort. There’s nothing quite like stepping into a piece that has been made for your body, to your exact measurements, and it’s a feeling you won’t find with fast fashion. Bespoke fashion may be an investment, but it is a worthy one – a bespoke outfit will last you a lifetime of wears – saving fashion waste too.

If you’re feeling a wardrobe void or want to experience bespoke, slow fashion, pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting.


Fashionably moral; the new luxury. Dress ethically, sustainably in exquisite couture and artisan brands.

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