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Why you should use our couture and dressmaking services

by sbmaster, / Thursday June 30th 2016

In the beautiful studio

I’ve been designing and making bespoke clothing for women for nearly 20 years. My business started in a retail shop on Bridport Street in Albert Park where I employed experts in tailoring, corsetry, beading, cutting and construction.

Recently I purpose-built a new studio in Albert Park, where I run my own show in a working space of tranquillity and industriousness; somewhere clients feel relaxed having fittings and talking openly about a special outfit for a wedding or a business wardrobe to see them through the seasons.

Several clients have been coming to me for a number of years, many because they simply can’t find what they’re looking for off the rack OR ready to wear. This could be for a host of reasons: their body shape doesn’t fit a standard size; the quality of retail shop clothing is below par and lacks longevity or they are looking for a unique one-off piece for a special occasion. A bespoke piece looks better and feels better because it fits, and the quality of materials and craftsmanship mean it lasts for many years.

Katrine is a successful business woman for whom I’ve made many business suits (jackets, trousers and skirts) and formal dresses. She is 5’1” and because of her height and athletic body shape can’t find clothes off the rack that fit her properly and so needs made to measure garments. She is a mature lady but likes classic, modern designs and tailored clothing.

“Julie is open and honest with me. She listens to my ideas and gives great service,” said Katrine.

“She draws things so you can see what she’s talking about. A lot of the suits made by Julie I’ve had for many years but because they’ve been made from good quality fabric they have lasted well and haven’t dated. I don’t settle for second best and believe that it’s worth investing in quality.”


Shannon and her husband in a Melbourne laneway


Shannon came to me in late 2015 looking for a custom designed wedding dress and I was thrilled to work with her.

“I chose Julie to make my wedding dress because I felt comfortable with her and she was open to my ideas without forcing her own. Before choosing Julie I had been to another dressmaker who was good and reputable but she was pushy and didn’t really listen to what I wanted. Julie and I were on the same page and she was very excited about my ideas. She helped me choose fabrics and went the extra mile helping me select undergarments and accessories like jewellery that would suit the look of my wedding dress.”

Here is a photo of Shannon’s wedding dress. It’s classic with a modern twist and Shannon felt comfortable wearing it.

“Julie even went as far as giving me advice on how to care for my dress after the wedding. She recommended a dry cleaner who I talked to about care options and who advised me not to get it dry cleaned because of silver thread running through the fabric which could affect the quality and look of the dress after cleaning.”

Clients really appreciate the quality of product and exceptional service provided by an experienced couturier.

“Julie was very accommodating with fitting times, scheduling in appointments that suited my working hours. She even delivered my wedding dress to the hotel on the day of the wedding and made sure everything was perfect,” said Shannon.

Bespoke clothing designed and made by a trained couturier may seem an expensive extravagance. But as my clients will testify it’s well worth the time and money if you want a garment that fits well, is made from quality fabric and will bring you enormous pleasure either for a one-off occasion like a wedding or for business suits that will last for years.


Shannon's dress - closeup of waist


Shannon’s dress bodice


Back detail view of Shannons wedding dress

Photography of Shannon’s dress by John Deer


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