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What is couture?

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday July 1st 2016

The word “couture” is French. It is defined in the French dictionary as “sewing” or “dressmaking”. Whilst being able to stitch together pieces of fabric to create a garment is a necessary skill for the modern day couturier, their expertise goes far beyond just sewing.

A couturier, as defined by the Macquarie dictionary “designs, makes and sells fashionable clothes for women”.


Wool cashmere balloon sleeved jacket in studio


Even though the technical skills of a modern day couturier are not dissimilar to those of a trained dressmaker, what sets apart a couturier from a dressmaker is their creative flair, exclusivity and high end quality craftsmanship. The world of couture is glamorous, upper class and expensive. It is synonymous with fashion shows, celebrities, red carpets and flamboyant gowns. The word “dressmaker” would not be uttered at such high profile events.

Dressmaking is the craft of, as the name implies, making dresses and other items of women’s clothing. It is an age old profession that dates back thousands of years and was deemed to be a socially acceptable and proper way for women to earn a living wage.


Measuring tape on model


A modern day couturier, on the other hand turns an idea into a hand-drawn sketch that becomes an exclusive and stylish work of art. It takes time, talent and a skilled eye for a trained couturier to achieve this.

Couturiers are not just dressmakers, seamstresses or sewers. They are fashion designers with years of experience. The difference between a couture gown and a gown made by a dressmaker is much like the difference between having your portrait taken by a master photographer, who has an artistic eye, a flair for direction and lighting and knows how to enhance your best features… and having it taken by someone who knows how to operate a camera. It’s in the detail and quality of delivery.

Couturiers are experts in their craft, and they use every technique, skill and all their experience, not to mention their creative genius, to make your one-of-a-kind garment absolutely perfect. Each outfit they make is expertly crafted, fitted and finished by the very best in the business.

Julie Goodwin Couture is a Melbourne based couturier that designs and hand tailors exclusive fashionwear, creating garments of exceptional quality and remarkable beauty. Each article is unique and made exclusively to suit the individual.

To find out more about our services or to make an appointment at our Melbourne studio, call Julie on 0411 262 215 or visit the Contact page on our website.


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