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Why it’s important to dry clean custom made clothes

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday June 20th 2016

A good dry cleaner is a partner in extending the life of your bespoke garment. Because made to measure clothing represents a significant investment in your wardrobe, it makes sense to keep your custom made garments in tip top condition by taking them to a knowledgeable dry cleaner. Here they will get the best care and attention, expertly cleaned by professionals who are trained to handle and treat garments of all shapes and sizes, fabrics and finishes.

Many people don’t know how their garments are cleaned and the word “dry” is misleading because garments actually do get wet, but in solvent, not water.

The dry cleaning process works like this. After treating any known stains, garments are put into the machine dry where they are cleaned using a solvent which removes dirt and grease safely from the most delicate and sensitive fabrics. They are then dried using temperatures appropriate to the type of garment and in conjunction with any recommendation from the manufacturer’s care label instructions. The garments are removed and pressed to give crisp clear pleats and creases that signify a dry cleaned garment, and finally steam formed to restore body and shape and remove wrinkles before being inspected and prepared for collection.

I’ve been using and recommending Paradise Dry Cleaning in Albert Park for over a decade because of their reputation, quality of service and excellent results. Proprietor Rosalie Carter and her team take care of every garment that passes through the shop and offers expert advice on the type of cleaning that is suitable according to the fabric, finish and any stains that need attention.

Rosalie’s biggest bugbear is clients doing a DIY cleaning job on their clothes. “Some clients try and remove a stain themselves before they bring the item to the shop hoping they can save time and money but doing this actually creates a bigger problem”, says Rosalie. “The other issue is clients leaving the garment stain-ridden too long which makes successfully removing it more difficult.”

She recommends if you spill anything on a garment to take it straight to a dry cleaner because they will know the best solution to remove it. “Clothes should be dry cleaned regularly to keep them fresh and in good condition: perspiration in particular is hard to get out so don’t leave clothes hanging in your wardrobe for too long”.

Wedding dresses need special care when it comes to cleaning and some fabrics aren’t suitable for dry cleaning and should be hand washed, particularly those made from silk.




“The excellent quality of fabric and finishes that are typical of Julie Goodwin’s wedding dresses means that even dresses with beading and sequins can be dry cleaned because there’s no danger of these items falling off in the cleaning process,” says Rosalie. “It’s also important that wedding dresses are stored correctly, preferably wrapped in acid free tissue and put into a box or cloth bag. Never store wedding dresses in plastic!”

To keep your quality custom made clothes in tip top condition for longer, get stains and accidental spills treated promptly by a reputable dry cleaner and have your garments dry cleaned regularly so they’re looking good for every wear.

To find out more about Paradise Dry Cleaning call Rosalie on 03 9699 8358 or visit the shop at 43 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.


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