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Not-so-corporate shoes for a corporate wardrobe

by Julie Goodwin, / Saturday June 8th 2019

A traditional ‘corporate’ outfit can consist of a white buttoned shirt, black slacks and a black blazer, and I’m a lover of traditional tailoring, but I’m a believer in dressing for your shape – that means building a wardrobe that suits your figure and your style – not just your profession.


‘Claire’ cocktail dress in duchess silk satin over silk organza blouse.


Many of my clients work in professional roles, from the board room to the court room, and while their schedules may be structured day to day, they want anything but a traditional work-wardrobe.

One of the most powerful statements a woman can make without saying a word, is what she says with her outfit. When you’re stepping into a room to plead a case or sitting down at the round table to make serious decisions in the workplace, comfort is key, and it helps with your confidence too.


Double peplum ‘Carmen’ bustier top in silk jacquard laced with french grosgrain ribbon. Silk lurex tailored trouser

The right shoe

The right shoe can give a whole outfit an edge and send a message about your personality without breaking dress code rules. Bespoke corporate wear deserves good quality shoes, and there’s nothing better than a comfortable court shoe to start the day on the right foot.

Court Shoes

A flattering high-cut court shoe can be worn with almost anything, and a staple patent leather or black suede will serve you through a lifetime of events and meetings. Court shoes can be paired with high-waisted wide leg pants, cigarette-leg pants, all cuts of skirts, and little black dresses so reliable!



If you’re a little more adventurous with your shoes, a coloured loafer is a nice touch to punctuate an all-black outfit, and it’s a comfortable style for a long day of running around the office too.



Stilettos will always have a spot in my closet, and I know many women who rely on them. If you’re comfortable in a stiletto and if it’s a style that empowers you, opt for one with a little detail on the toe or a textured finish to lift your whole look.



Good quality, comfortable shoes don’t have to be predictable, and neither does your work wear. If you’ve been searching for a power suit or the perfect dress for ‘that meeting’, pop into my Albert Park studio for a corporate wardrobe consultation.

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