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MUSE interview with Danielle Sady on running a business, being a mother, and finding a dress that fits

by Julie Goodwin, / Saturday June 1st 2019

Danielle Say – Founder of Everyday Lingerie


I love the satisfaction of creating clothing that fits well. I’ve spent over half my life making clothes for myself, and over the last two decades, for women who want to be able to rely on their wardrobes. It might seem like a simple commodity, but having a wardrobe that flatters your body, makes you smile when you catch a reflection of yourself, or that feels good to own – is not something every woman has. It’s something every woman should have though, and it’s why I do what I do.

Not everyone finds it easy to shop or find the perfect fit off the rack. No two bodies are the same, and squeezing millions of women into one size category such as a ‘medium’ just doesn’t work. I don’t believe women should be assigned a number, so I coined my own sizing system a ‘size you’, and it’s exactly as it sounds; clothing that fits your body, and your body alone.

Danielle Sady, Founder of Everyday Lingerie Co.

Danielle Sady was searching for something special when she came to me, and she had her mind set on bespoke. She wanted a dress, and not just any dress either. Danielle was pregnant and planning on being married before her due date. Dressing brides is one thing and dressing pregnant brides is another, but both are the beauty and joy of my ‘job’, and when I saw the look on Danielle’s face when we zipped up her dress at the final fitting, I was reminded of the impact that bespoke fashion can have on a woman…


Danielle Sady and husband by the sea (dress by Julie Goodwin Couture)

How would you define your personal style?

My personal style is quite a mix of a few styles, as it really depends on my moods to see whether I will be more rocker, classic chic or business casual on any given day. The one thing I don’t believe in, is wearing black shoes. All my shoes are coloured or can make a statement on their own; I love to bring a touch of colour to every outfit, whether it’s casual or formal.

What one essential fashion piece should every woman own?

A comfortable and colourful pair of heels that you can wear with jeans or a cocktail dress.

How did you come to settle on your design for your wedding?

Pinterest was my starting point for inspiration, as it is with most outfits. I found about five images and I knew that being six months pregnant, much of my waist had disappeared, but I really wanted to be able to have my curves flattered with the silhouette of my dress. I really wanted to feel as feminine as I always feel and have felt throughout my pregnancy. Julie and I discussed the photos, and what would suit my body shape along with how to achieve it all, and it was a really simple process working with someone as professional as Julie.


Danielle Sady wedding dress by Julie Goodwin Couture

What does a week in your shoes look like as the Founder and Director of Everyday Lingerie Co?

Each day and week is completely different! We are preparing for our launch in August so we are completing all the finishing touches on the brand. On any given week, we’re talking with our factories to check on timelines, building our social media community and working on our marketing calendars. We’re also constantly talking with retailers, putting the final touches on our website, and then there’s everything in between. As you can imagine, it’s a really exciting time for the brand and team.

You were pregnant when you got married and looked incredible! How did being pregnant change your wedding dress hunt?

Thank you! I felt amazing and so feminine on my wedding day and it was not something we thought we would do initially. Getting married while I was pregnant was never in the plan, but we decided we didn’t want to wait so we surprised our family and friends at our baby shower/engagement party and then turned it into our wedding. I really love my curves and the femininity of being pregnant, so my dress didn’t really change too much, but we did need to work with a growing belly. It was more that my fabric choices changed to suit my needs and the style of dress as I grew!


Danielle Sady dances at wedding - dress by Julie Goodwin Couture


What was it like working with Julie?

I loved working with Julie! One of the reasons I wanted to work with Julie from the beginning was due to her love of the female form and watching her designs over the years across such a broad range of women. I was confident she would listen to my thoughts and bring it together from a design perspective to compliment my body and ultimately make me feel amazing on our special day. It is also effortless to work with Julie; she has such a calm and gentle demeanour that allowed me to relax and enjoy the process of seeing my dress come to life.

You have to pack a bag and you don’t know where you’re going. What three essential fashion items do you pack?

A good pair of heels; something that can go from day to night but not black. I love a pop of colour so my shoes also bring a touch of something special to each outfit.

My favourite sunglasses; a large frame pair that I literally went half way around the world to find.

A fitted little black dress; again something you can go from day by the pool in our head out for the night in.

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