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Melbourne stylist Simone Farrugia on all things fashion and personal style

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday February 15th 2019

Melbourne stylist Simone Farrugia in Julie Goodwin


How would you define your personal style?

When I’m making an effort, I’d like to say ‘French girl’ with retro influences.

What one essential fashion item should every woman own?

If it’s just one, a pair of jeans that you feel amazing in and that fit really well.

What’s it like styling and working with local designers?

The local designers I collaborate with really inspire me, and they are the reason we (stylists) can do what we do. I cherish my relationships with Melbourne designers in particular; our relationships are built on a mutual respect and support for each other. There’s so much love involved!

What does a week in your shoes look like?

My weeks are never the same! This week involved an editorial shoot so there’s been a lot of sourcing for that, I had fittings with the Australian women’s cricket team, I styled an advertising job, and I had several meetings with a local designer who I’m collaborating with for Montaigne’s upcoming tour wardrobe. I’m also a mumma to my two boys and one just started prep this year, so there’s always a little juggle-juggle!

What do you love most about couture?

I wrote and re-wrote this answer so many times; it’s just so hard to articulate! I love the fantasy of couture and the awe I feel knowing what has gone into the creation of one loo. Couture is pure magic.

How do you balance work and life as a mother, a fashion stylist, and a business owner?

I don’t know if I balance it that well sometimes. An honest answer would be that sometimes you feel like you’re kicking goals in one area of life, but you feel guilty for the other area slipping. I have an amazing husband who just gets what it’s like, we’re a team, always, and that helps!

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