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Wedding 101: How to plan the perfect day

by Julie Goodwin, / Wednesday February 27th 2019

I work with all sorts of brides year round, not just during the regular Spring wedding season, and while they’re all very different women, they have one thing in common… They know how important the perfect fit is.

Despite being one of the biggest and most beautiful days of a woman’s life, her wedding can also be the most stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. The perfect day is all about planning, enlisting a little help, and making sure your dress fits perfectly, so you can focus on celebrating the perfect day.

Write out your wedding plan.

It’s no secret that having a plan is the key to success, no matter what you’re taking on, but when it comes to planning a wedding – it’s crucial. When you’re juggling everything from flowers to bridesmaids and seating to songs, the best way to stay on track and keep the stress levels in check is to draft it out, write it down, and create a plan. Tick off your list as each detail is booked in, and keep a notebook next to your bed in the leadup; the best wedding plan ideas usually come at 3am.

Ask for help or outsource it.

Some of us like to work alone, and others like to outsource; there’s no right or wrong way to plan and pull together a wedding, but it’s definitely more enjoyable when you have a little support. Whether you’re bouncing ideas off your friends or family or hiring a wedding planner to do it all, two heads are better (and less stressful!) than one when it comes to prepping for a wedding.


Closeup of Claire Harris‘ wedding

Invest in the perfect fit.

Any bride who’s gone before will tell you that the dress is the most important detail of the day, but for some brides, it’s the deal breaker. The wrong size, not enough support, a fragile zip or the wrong fabric are all red flags for tears. When you’re spending twelve hours in a dress, it needs to be perfect, and when it’s your wedding dress, it needs to be everything – comfortable, flattering, supportive, breathable, stunning, and flexible enough for the dance floor. When you feel great, it shows, and the most comfortable brides are the most confident brides.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dress, pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting and let’s work together on your dream day details.

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