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Couture for curves; what to wear and what not to wear

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday February 12th 2019

I’ve dressed all kinds of women and all shapes of bodies; big busts, little busts, curves, no curves, short women, tall women… They’ve all been beautiful too. If I had to dress the same style and size of woman every day, I’d get bored. My ability to make women feel beautiful in their own skin is also a responsibility that I take seriously.

We all have our niggling bits though. I know myself that I have that one thing I look at in the mirror a little too closely, that I focus on a little too much. No one else sees it, (my husband certainly doesn’t) but every now and again I get a bit critical of my body. Luckily, when I step into an outfit that I’ve made for myself, my own body, my own measurements, it all fades away, and I am reminded that this body looks damn good in clothes that have been specially made for it.

Learning to love the body you’re in and dressing for the parts that make you, you, is something that some women spend their lives trying to achieve. If I can make that self-love journey a little shorter by crafting clothes for women that actually fit their bodies and their bodies alone – that’s what I’m happy to spend my life doing.

When it comes to curves, I’ve learnt a few things in my life as a couturier and tailor.

The first rule to dressing for a curvy figure is that there are no rules.

You’ll probably find a stylist or a well-meaning friend who will strongly advise you against certain styles, shapes or silhouettes, but that’s only because the clothes you buy off the rack in those styles, shapes or silhouettes, aren’t made for your body. If you love a wide leg pant, then you wear wide leg pants, but have them custom made for your height, your hips, and your waist. You can wear any style you want to when it’s made to your measurements.


Bespoke blazer


Build on your basics and buy to last.

Start small, and gradually put together pieces you absolutely love. Find yourself a great tailor (like me), and stick with them. When your couturier or tailor gets to know your body and your style, the process becomes natural, and you’ll be building the best fitting wardrobe you’ve ever owned.


AdeleAdele in Atlanta

Confidence suits every figure.

Loving your body is a balance of the right clothes and the right attitude. We each have one body, and we’ve got to work with it. All bodies are beautiful, no matter their size, shape, colour, or ability, and that’s the secret – loving what you’ve got, no matter what you’ve got.


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