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The Emmys are a celebration of creative talent, and the most coveted outfits

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday September 10th 2019

The Emmys are famously known as TV’s biggest night. They’re just a little bigger than our beloved LOGIES and the outfits are little bigger too; the Emmys celebrate TV’s brightest stars, best talent and, of course, showcases some spectacular outfits.

With a global reputation spanning almost a century, it’s no wonder every Emmys red carpet outfit is planned in advance. Photographers flock from around the world, and the media swoop to capture the who’s who of talent on the red carpet in their who’s who of designer labels, and this year, Julie Goodwin Couture will be one of them!


Daine Reid


I am thrilled (and a little nervous!) to be flying to LA to work with Bec Cole, dressing Daina Reid – a woman whose name is revered in the film and television arena. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most watched series globally, and Daina has been at the helm as a Director. She’s also known for her hand in The Wrong Girl and Offspring, among others, and I’ve been working closely with her on a bespoke outfit for this year’s 71st annual Emmys.

Daina is a muse and an incredible Australian talent, it has been such a pleasure getting to know this home-grown power house, and on September 22nd 2019, she’ll be stepping onto the red carpet in a bespoke Julie Goodwin Couture outfit, nominated for her hand in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Watch this space!


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