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Four days in L.A, one Emmy nominee, a couture outfit and a few hundred photos

by Julie Goodwin, / Thursday October 3rd 2019

It’s been a big year for Julie Goodwin Couture outfits on the red carpet, and I still pinch myself every time it happens. In a high point in Los Angeles this week, it was the Emmys purple carpet and the incredible Daina Reid in the spotlight – wearing a bespoke Julie Goodwin Couture outfit.

Daina was nominated for her role directing two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss. Stylist Bec Cole and I dashed over to L.A for four days to dress and style Daina in her custom Julie Goodwin Couture for the Emmys, and all the jetlag in the world couldn’t cloud what I felt the moment she walked out.

Julie Goodwin Couture dresses Daina Reid


I worked closely with Daina to design and make an outfit that wasn’t just perfect for the Emmys, but perfect for Daina’s figure too. That’s the beauty of bespoke; it’s made for your body and your body alone, and it fits the way it should. When it comes to event-dressing, especially at something as public as the Emmys, the perfect fit is essential, and comfort is key too.



Daina’s shimmering full length navy tuxedo-dress accentuated her curves and highlighted her beautiful figure, and the talented Bec Cole rounded out the look with Christian Louboutin studded pumps, Oscar de la Renta earrings, and Jan Logan rings.

Bec then took it to the next level by customising a Jimmy Choo clutch detailed with the well known Handmaid’s phrases; “Praise Be” on the interior and “May the lord open” on the interior.


Daina Reid clutch - Julie Goodwin Couture


The combination of understated couture elegance and power-punching accessories saw Daina on best-dressed lists in the US, UK, and here in Australia.

My first Emmys: this couture moment will be hard to top!


Images: David Higgs Photography


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