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Survival of the flattest – how to get through the racing season with your feet intact

by Julie Goodwin, / Thursday October 20th 2016



We see them every year. Poor limping wounded soldiers leaning heavily on the arms of their partners, or worse, wandering barefoot with shoes in hand. If the champagne doesn’t get to you, a day in high heels will!

Many years of hard earned experience trackside has taught me a few tricks I thought I would share with you…


New shoes

Do. Not. Ever debut a new pair of shoes on a day you expect to be standing for hours on end. Pop them on around the house, show them off at work and wear them in! Your feet will thank you for it.


Swollen feet

Put your cut-to-size insoles or gel cushions in at the start of the day and remove them discreetly for instant relief when the swelling gets too much. A blessing on stinking hot days.

Preventative measures

If you’re prone to blisters, take action before the damage is done. New healing and blister strips from BAND-AID are water-proof, provide extra soft cushioning and stay on for days. Don’t forget to pop extras in your purse.


Grassed areas

Block heels and wedges – both a savvy girl’s savior on the lawn – have made an appearance in recent collections of Dior and Jimmy Choo. Wittner is a local high street brand stocking more affordable versions. A more practical choice than towering heels when you’re on your feet for hours.

Examples of block heels from Jimmy Choo, Wittner, Miu Miu and Dior

From top left, clockwise: Block heels from Wittner, Dior and Miu Miu, and wedges from Jimmy Choo

Fabulous Flats

Style does not have to come at the price of agony. A longer length skirt, particularly a fuller style, looks just gorgeous with a sophisticated flat. Ditto for trousers with a little ankle exposed. At my recent parade I showed ballerina length skirts and cropped pants with lace up ballet flats – divine!

Flats by Jimmy Choo and Valentino

Flats by Jimmy Choo and Valentino



If you’ve drunk so much that you can’t feel your blisters, you may wake up the next morning with bloodied feet as well as a throbbing head. I speak from experience here. Drink some water. Please.


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