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A day in the studio

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday October 11th 2016

A day in the studio

Client catch-ups

I make so many different types of garments for so many different types of client that one day in my studio is never the same as another!

On a typical day when I’m not busy cutting, sewing or pressing fabric I spend time in client consultations, chatting about the pieces they want and noting any specific ideas or needs they have. I love it when clients come to visit as I think it helps them to truly experience the whole custom made process, view work in progress and really get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes. People love to see the different projects I have on the go!

Time for work!

Some days are spent sourcing fabrics when I head out to look for textiles for specific pieces. My fabric run always includes Tessuti in the city and Tylers Fabrics in Richmond, as well as Dormeuil for quality suitings. I also love the occasional blast-from-the-past at Franke Stuart where I can still find some glorious vintage pieces of silk and lace.

When I’m not meeting clients or sourcing fabrics I’m busy in the studio developing new designs for my collection or working on garments for clients. Part of the design process involves working in calico or muslin. These fabrics are hardy and white so I can draw on them with a pencil and they don’t lose their shape easily. Using the fabric this way means I can unpick it and use it as a pattern or trace it onto card. Alternatively I work with blocks (patterns) I have on file and draft in tailor’s chalk straight onto the fabric.

Design to order

Designing on the spot for a client is something I have learned to do over time. It requires me to be a good listener and stay up to date with current catwalk trends, as well as have a built-in historical reference system – I spend a lot of my down time browsing the work of Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga to name a few.

With all this going on I often wonder how I find time to actually sew my garments – but that seems to happen too as I’ve never missed a deadline!

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