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Sigrid Thornton and Kate Atkinson grace the red carpet in Julie Goodwin Couture

by Julie Goodwin, / Sunday June 30th 2019

I live for good fashion.

I love bespoke fashion made slowly for women of all walks of life, and I am passionate about bringing joy to the everyday ritual of dressing. Every now and again though, I am lucky enough to work with household names and inspiring women who have been in many a living room through television for decades.

Kate Atkinson and Sigrid Thornton are two of those women, and they are an utter joy to work with. 2019 marks my second consecutive year dressing Kate for the Logie Awards and this year, burnt orange velvet was our show-stopping texture of choice.


Kate Atkinson gown Logies 2019 by Julie Goodwin Couture

Designing Kate’s gown

Kate’s gown was a labour of love; a mixed-medium dress to highlight her delicate frame, and deliver in texture. I worked with Specialty Pleaters on a feature panel, and structured the bodice of the gown to give shape to Kate’s curves. Kate may not have taken out a personal Logie Award this year, but she was certainly on a few ‘best dressed’ lists.

Kate Atkinson’s gown – Closeup of pleating

Sigrid’s power suit

Sigrid’s power suit complimented her natural style, and it suited her nonchalant nature to a tee. Every woman should own a bespoke suit, and if game, a wine red velvet number like Sigrid’s is a statement piece, something truly special.

Sigrid Thornton suit Julie Goodwin Couture at Logies 2019

Dressing Kate and Sigrid is not about the bright lights and flashy features for me, but I do love that they feel so confident in Julie Goodwin Couture that they keep returning. Dressing women like Kate and Sigrid is just as special for me as dressing the woman next door, and the magic of the perfect fit is something every woman deserves – regardless of how many know her name.

Pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting and let me show you just how good scarlet velvet can feel.

Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

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