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Retail therapy helps busy working women

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday June 25th 2019

Julie Goodwin - designer, couturier, patternmaker, business owner


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a maths teacher. I’m now 51 and no two weeks are the same for me. I have taught (fashion, not maths!), and I’m a designer, couturier, patternmaker, business owner, and sometimes a little bit of a therapist for the women who come to see me too.

Many of my clients can get caught up in the day-to-day juggle in their high-pressure professional roles. Sometimes, just to step away from their busy schedules, and into my studio for an hour or so for a fitting and a chat, can give them some breathing space.


Julie Goodwin’s studio

Looking good = Feeling good

Sourcing clothing, for me, and most of my clients, is a therapeutic endeavour; there’s a reason it’s called retail therapy. Being part of a client’s journey from ‘I have nothing to wear’, to ‘I know exactly what I’ll wear today’, is something special I don’t take for granted, and watching my clients grow through the fitting process is a beautiful thing.

Feeling good from the inside out is a priority for me, but sometimes, all I need to change my day, is to look good – and then I feel good. A perfectly fitted dress or a bespoke coat that gently floats over the right curves, pants that don’t look like ‘short longs’ or ‘long shorts’ – they’re all staples in a wardrobe that make you feel good and feel confident.


Long tailored jacket with jacquard front insert

The correct fit

When I watch women at events tug at their dresses (not the dresses I’ve made of course), or continuously pull their garments up or down because they’re not correctly fitted, it kills me. I know the power of the right fit and I know the feeling of a ‘size you’. If you don’t know what that is yet – you are missing out on a wardrobe that has the power to change your entire day.

If you’re in need of a little retail therapy, or an outfit that you can simply rely on to make you feel good, pop in to my Albert Park studio and see me.

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