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Sarah Culton shares her love and appreciation of good fashion

by Julie Goodwin, / Sunday October 18th 2020

In a time where many of our daily freedoms like eating out, socialising and holidaying are restricted, it can feel like we have little control. 2020 has been a year of firsts, and we’ve all been forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Some days are easy, some are not, but no matter what’s going on in the outside world, our day to day wardrobe is a place find solace and joy.

It’s something I feel incredibly passionate about – making women feel beautiful and look beautiful, not just for an event or special occasions, but in their everyday lives. It’s incredibly empowering to step into an outfit that looks good, fits impeccably well and feels just as good, and it’s a feeling that only comes from a bespoke ‘size you’ outfit.

Sarah Culton knows the feeling. We crossed paths in 2019 when she was in need of a classic white jacket, and although her weekly routine has changed dramatically with restrictions and lockdowns, her love and appreciation of good fashion remains strong…


Sarah Culton


What does a week in your shoes look like ‘normally’ and what does it look like now?

Normally, I’m a personal trainer so most days of the week I’m up early for work training people through to mid-morning, and squeezing a coffee in there somewhere! My days may include errands, emails, chores, food preparation and training myself in some way before more work in the afternoons and evenings. I often go to the movies or have an outing with friends at some point in the week, and on weekends, to a café or a nice restaurant.

The weeks look a bit different now… I work from home training clients via Zoom or FaceTime and keep up contact with clients to help them stay on track during lockdown. Like many people, I’m also slowly making my way through a to-do list!


Julie Goodwin Couture client photoshoot

What rituals or habits are you practicing at the moment to find joy?

I still rise early and keep consistent sleeping habits along with daily exercise, healthy eating and staying in touch with friends. I’m really enjoying listening to music and slowly savouring the morning coffee!

This is your first Julie Goodwin piece, why did you choose a classic white jacket?

I’ve always liked the look of a sharp white jacket and I’ve paid good money for them in the past and they’ve failed. I wanted a well-made quality piece so I chose Julie to make mine.

Can you describe the experience of having a bespoke outfit made by Julie?

The whole process from thought bubble to end product was a great experience. Julie is such a warm character and was very informative and helpful. It was also a great pleasure to be part of one of her photo shoots. All in all, it was a lot of fun!

A white suit jacket is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

What are the different ways you style yours for different occasions? In cooler weather I wear the jacket with tight black jeans or pants and high heels, and when it’s warmer, I wear it with tailored shorts and heels.

You have to pack a bag and you don’t know where you’re going.

What three essential items do you pack? I’m a Personal Trainer so – compression tights and sneakers! And black jeans.


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