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Meredith Ramadan may have swapped her every day suit for activewear, but her appreciation of good fashion hasn’t changed

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday October 30th 2020

We’ve known each other for over a decade, and although Meredith was first a client, we’re now close friends, and it tends to happen with most of my clients because birds of a feather flock together.

We haven’t seen each other since last year at my photoshoot pamper day, but no matter how long we go between wines or outfit fittings, we always connect on our love of good fashion, appreciation for the finer things that bring joy, and fan of the odd event or two…


Meredith Ramadan


How did you come to find Julie Goodwin?

Julie and I have been friends since 2002 and many things have changed since we first met. Originally, I was referred to Julie to organise an outfit for the Spring Carnival. I had some beautiful silk fabrics and wanted to look fabulous heading off to the races for the first time. Julie made two beautiful dresses and arranged hats, so all I was responsible for were shoes and a bag. I can still remember feeling elegant and comfortable thinking I was Audrey Hepburn walking into the Members carpark. It was the beginning of a relationship that still sees us catching up when significant events occur in our lives.

After that, as I was working for one of the ‘big six’ accounting firms in the Melbourne CBD, Julie started making suits and shirts for me, and I found myself wearing JGC outfits daily to the office. It was a very traditional ‘corporate suit and tie’ company. Most of my work outfits were created by Julie, and we then started with event wear; balls, parties, weddings and eventually my own wedding. We had a blast of a time and I think sometimes we found events to go to just so we could make a new outfit.

Times changed, and I temporarily (as I thought at the time) stepped out of the corporate world and moved to the Mornington Peninsula around 2010. Julie and I kept in touch and as my lifestyle changed, so did my wardrobe. On the rare occasion that I had a special event, I was excited to have an excuse to work with Julie on an outfit. The luxury of the experience for me about being able to explain to Julie how I want to look, what I would like to include, the shoes or jewellery, and the colour – and she puts it all together and it is just perfect.

I still have most of the outfits Julie has made for me and if I have a meeting or a function to go to, my JGC pieces are the first I reach for, and I often get comments on the outfits. But as a part time yoga teacher, golfer and country bumpkin, that doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like. So, I love the Lucidity range, and it will fit perfectly with my lifestyle.


Julie Goodwin Couture client photoshoot

What does a week in your shoes look like ‘normally’ and what does it look like now?

Normally, it’s yoga practice three times a week, teaching two days a week, golf twice a week, a little gardening, time for girlfriends and coffee/wine, weekend entertaining and dinners out, and always time with friends and family.

Now, with all the changes, I’m practicing yoga daily, still teaching three days a week, making time for gardening and cooking, but the rest of my social activities are on hold.

What rituals or habits are you practicing at the moment to find joy?

I make time to walk the dog, and watching the dog do simple things like roll on the wet grass or chase the ball brings me joy. Regular contact with family and friends is important, and I make time to send texts to simply say, ‘Hi I am thinking of you.’ I make time to call people and have long conversations; it feels more honest and caring. Being in nature also brings me joy.

Can you describe the experience of having a bespoke outfit made by Julie?

It’s unique.
It’s me inside and out.
It fits.
It’s comfortable.
I feel and look great.

A tailored suit is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. What are the different ways you style yours for different occasions?

For my work wardrobe, I like to match the jacket and pants/skirt and I love a white shirt. If it’s for an event, the matched outfit sometimes looks like I’m trying too hard so I mix a top and bottom from different suits or wear a dress with a suit jacket. When I’m dressing for casual occasions, I’ll pair my jacket with jeans or trousers and a tee shirt.

You have to pack a bag and you don’t know where you’re going. What three essential items do you pack?

Julie made me a fantastic little black dress that I still wear today – that would be in the bag without fail. I’d also pack jeans, a tee shirt, a long sleeve white shirt, a jacket, scarf, black pants, yoga tights and bathers.

Define how your Julie Goodwin Couture outfit makes you feel in three words?

Elegant, polished and comfortable.


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