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This is why every woman should own a white suit

by Julie Goodwin, / Thursday August 16th 2018

Silk crepe tuxedo with satin lapels, pockets, and side stripe on split-leg trouser.


The beauty of couture is that it lasts a lifetime

When I’m working on something special for a client, there are hours involved, from the first measure and fit, to the patterns, to the toile, the sewing, the detailing and the finishing touches – it’s a labour of love.

When it comes to bespoke fashion, it is not only quality, but also versatile. When you’re investing in something special for your wardrobe that has been made to measure, the purpose is to love it and cherish it, and wear it often.


The White Suit

A white suit, contrary to popular belief, is a wardrobe staple for every woman, and there’s no limit to the many ways you can wear it.

Some of my brides prefer suits, so naturally a white tailored ensemble makes for a jaw-dropping wedding outfit. Some of my corporate clients prefer to lighten things up and wear white instead of black every day, so they team their white suits with court shoes and pops of colour for something different. Some of my clients will have a full white suit measured and made, but then mix and match with the rest of their wardrobe depending on the season.



Silk crepe tuxedo with satin lapels, pockets, and side stripe on split-leg trouser.


Whatever the occasion, a white suit is classic, elegant and timeless, and when I work with your unique body shape, every detail is finished perfectly, flattering every curve. Until you’ve stepped into a pair of Julie Goodwin Couture custom made pants that have been made to hug your body and your body alone, you don’t know what your wardrobe is missing.

Book a private fitting in my Albert Park studio today and let me prove to you how good you can look and feel in a classic white suit.


Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

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