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Elizabeth Gao styles Julie Goodwin Couture in Bali

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday October 16th 2018

The Example in Bali - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


Elizabeth Gao is an Instagram influencer, an experienced traveller and creative photographer, but at heart, she is an unabashed fashion lover. Elizabeth is a connoisseur of style and she appreciates the slow nature of couture. She also knows that every woman should own at least one piece of bespoke clothing, not for any particular occasion, but ‘just because’.

Elizabeth recently styled a few of my favourite dresses on her visit to Bali, and the shoot was nothing short of breathtaking. She embodies what it means to be a Julie Goodwin Couture woman; elegant yet effortless, playful yet poised, always ready for whatever comes her way.


How would you define your personal style?

I’ve never set my own personal style in stone, that’s too risky. I do have some cardinal rules though:
•  No mixing of metals
•  Nothing that would embarrass my mother
•  Just because someone else wears it, doesn’t mean you should too


What do you think about fast fashion?

Fast fashion is made to be consumed and discarded a few months later. We can all look back shamefully on our past purchases from time to time, but some trends do stay with you. Unfortunately, fast fashion is synonymous with affordability, and sometimes that’s all the budget allows for. As a society, we just need more education on the ‘true cost’ of clothes and their lifecycle. There’s definitely a correlation between price and quality, which is why I love bespoke fashion.

For workwear and eveningwear, I tend to go with natural fibres and luxe fabrics that are well constructed, and a good fit is a must. For footwear, I invest in pieces that will endure. I believe that if you treat your feet right – the foundation of your body – you are looking after your general well-being.


What one essential piece of couture should every woman own?

Every woman should own at least one couture dress. I may not be speaking on behalf of all women, but I speak from personal experience. It can be a wedding dress, a graduation dress, an office suit, anything.

At least once in your life, it’s important to spoil yourself with a custom-made dress that no one else in the world will ever have, something genuinely precious. Make it entirely yours, from the materials, the exact measurements of your body, to the finesse of the couturier you work with. Couturiers labour intensely to bring your creativity to life in harmony with their vision, and if you have the chance to work with Julie Goodwin, you’ll see just how magical this process is.

The Example in Bali - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


What inspired you to collaborate with Julie Goodwin in Bali?

I adore Julie’s vision and her passion for couture. Julie always dresses impeccably herself, and she’s a perfectionist, which says a lot. You can really trust the services of someone who takes so much pride in their own appearance. Bali is a favourite wedding destination for many Australian brides, so it was a natural choice for the shoot location too. I worked with local photographers to showcase Julie’s pieces not just as bridal wear, but ‘just because’ – for the woman who just wants to look beautiful on holidays.


What does a week in your shoes look like?

My weeks are never the same! On any given day I can be flying interstate or internationally for meetings with stylists and photographers, heading to fashion events and shooting backstage at runways, editing content for my own social media, shooting content for clients, capturing street style moments whenever I see them (and creating a few of my own moments of course), a little me time, not much sleep, but a lot of fun and creativity.


The Example in Bali - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


What do you love most about Julie Goodwin Couture?

I love Julie’s creative direction, her artistic mind, and her design aesthetic. She has a great ethos and she’s a beautiful woman to work with. Her eye for detail and her attention to the fit and finish is so special, and her enthusiasm and positivity is infectious. I always look forward to seeing what she creates for other clients, be it embellished hems or classic tailored jackets; it’s all beautiful. She’s such a talent, I almost don’t want to share her!


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