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The many muses of Julie Goodwin Couture: Snezana Wood

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday November 5th 2018


My 2018 collection, Muse, was about giving something back to the women who inspire me, motivate me and come to me for their wardrobes. My ‘muses’ are my everyday women, not just the women in the spotlight. Regardless of their profession, their background or their style, I dress each and every woman with the same integrity, and it always shows.

I may be a couturier, but behind the scenes and under the glamourous layers, most women simply need a practical wardrobe for everyday wear. It’s why I do what I do; making women feel beautiful in their daily clothing is a privilege I embrace, and there’s nothing quite like the magic of stepping into a bespoke outfit for the first time.


Julie Goodwin Couture Snezana Wood Muse Suit


Snezana Wood is one of my muses, and she reflects what Julie Goodwin Couture is all about. She is smart, stunning and humble, and she works hard to achieve her successes. She is a busy mother, a strong woman, and she balances the ups with the downs – always in style.

I am so grateful for the opportunity of working with Rachel Dennis recently, when she dressed Snezana Wood for an Edward Meller Shoes campaign shoot. Any woman can wear this outfit too, and that’s the beauty of everything in my range. Each piece can be made in a ‘size you’ because your body deserves the perfect fit. If you know what you want, and you know that you want it to fit perfectly, let me make it for you.


Julie Goodwin Couture Snezana Wood Muse Dress

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