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If you’re going to wear a mask, you might as well look good in it

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday July 31st 2020

couture face masks pleated and curved style


If six months ago someone walked up to me in public and told me that by now, I would be spending my days making face masks, I would have laughed in their face. Now, if the same scenario occurred, we’d both be fined $200 for not wearing one.

Since Melbourne’s mandatory shift towards face masks came into place last week, I’ve been madly sewing masks for my clients, and news has travelled fast. I’m now versed in masks for big noses and little noses, wide chins and no chins at all. I’m even sewing masks for beards.


couture face masks showing interiors


I’ve spent a lot of time making my masks, conscious of their need to fulfil both fit and function, so every mask is constructed in three layers, each a different weave, which research tells me is more effective than a single fabric type.


Face Mask Styles

They’re available in two styles, pleat or curve, to suit a myriad of face shapes and sizes.


couture face masks pleated style

couture face masks curved style






My masks are made in natural fabrics; silk, cotton and some very lightweight wool. The silks are in plains, prints, jacquards and twills, and boning is sewn in across the bridge of the nose so that you can adjust the fit for extra comfort.

It might seem crazy, but I’m actually enjoying the process of making these for each person who orders. I’ve been showing them photos of fabrics to choose from, advising on style-for-purpose, and putting little ‘mask wardrobes’ together. It really is a mini-couture endeavour. ⁠

If you have to wear a mask, it may as well be made of some gorgeous Dior silk or a sharp pinstripe. It’s a little piece of joy in a time when we are all in need!

My masks are crafted by hand in my Melbourne studio and they’re $36 each or 4 for $130 plus postage.

Email me, call me or message me to place an order, and #maskup to help stop the spread.


four couture face masks curved style

four couture face masks curved style

two couture face masks curved style

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