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There is no such thing as a ‘standard size 10’ in today’s fashion industry

by Julie Goodwin, / Wednesday September 4th 2019

Not all that long ago, the only size on the front cover of fashion magazines was a size 10. It’s been labelled as the ‘sample size’ for the industry for decades, but why? The most commonly purchased clothing size in 2019, is an Australian size 14, but for women, that still doesn’t mean much. A size 14 in one shop is not the same in the next, and a size 14 woman comes in many variations too – no wonder we are so frustrated!

Sizing discrepancies in ‘off the shelf’ fashion is one of the very reasons I design for a ‘size you’. Every woman is different, every body is different, we’re all different shapes and sizes – and it’s a beautiful thing. Fashion is meant to make you feel good, and when it’s made to your measurements and your unique body, the feeling of stepping into a bespoke outfit is nothing but positive.


Julie Goodwin fabric before cutting


There are no ‘I have nothing to wear’ days and there are no ‘I feel fat in this’ moments, because a bespoke wardrobe is carefully constructed to flatter your figure, not hide it, or squeeze it in here or make it uncomfortable there.

Loving the skin you’re in can take time, but you only have one body and it’s the best one you’ll ever have, today, right now, the way it is. It works, and it’s beautiful – no matter what size or shape it is. Building your wardrobe around your body is the key to having a positive relationship with fashion – and that means having your wardrobe tailored to suit the beautiful ‘size you’ you have.

Pop into my Albert Park studio and let me show you just how good a ‘size you’ feels, because life is too short for ‘I have nothing to wear’ days.


Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

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