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The perfect fit isn’t something you find, it’s something you have made

by Julie Goodwin, / Saturday June 23rd 2018

Julie Goodwin Melbourne couturier fits Lady Melbourne

One of the many things I love about being a couturier, is that I get to work with some incredible women. My clients are looking for fashion that feels good, fits in all the right places, and gives them confidence, and I love that I can give that to them through my bespoke designs.

One woman who knows the power of a good fit all too well, is the beautiful Phoebe Montague, more commonly known as Lady Melbourne in the blogosphere. I had the pleasure of working with Phoebe for the first time last year, as we had shared views on what couture is truly about.

Lady Melbourne and Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


Working with Lady Melbourne

Phoebe was kind enough to write about her experience with me on her blog, and she has perfectly described how her Julie Goodwin piece continues to make her feel.

“Sometimes confused with made-to-measure, bespoke is truly something original and unique. When I thought about a garment that I might like created exactly to my measurements, a blazer came to mind; it’s a timeless piece that you can wear again and again. Ever since I had Julie Goodwin make me a bespoke blazer exactly to my measurements, it’s sort of ruined me when buying ‘off the rack’ clothing. I look at everything and know that it’s not going to fit me like a Julie Goodwin piece would!”

Julie Goodwin Melbourne couturier blazer for Lady Melbourne


And that’s the secret; couture just fits. It’s made to fit your own unique body in the places that it should, and skim the parts that it shouldn’t. It’s the difference between something that looks just an inch too short, and a bespoke jacket that fits like a glove and delicately hides the wrists.

Us couturiers know how the body moves and we know how your clothing should move with you. It doesn’t get tighter with a dry-clean, it doesn’t get loose with a full day’s wear – it fits beautifully, forever. Well, pending how much wine and cheese you enjoy over the years.

If you’ve been shopping for the perfect fit ‘off the rack’, you won’t find it, but I can make it for you.

Let me show you just how good the perfect fit can feel and book a private appointment with me.

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