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Sally Mackinnon and perfect navy pairing

by Julie Goodwin, / Wednesday September 16th 2020

I don’t remember exactly when we first met, but by the time we had bumped into each other at our 2nd or 3rd  industry event I knew Sally Mackinnon was someone I wanted to get to know better. She’s stylish, obviously, but it was her no-nonsense approach when it comes to fashion and life that really struck a chord with me, and I just knew we would get along like a house on fire.

Sally is a straight shooter in a world where things are quite often not what they seem, and I love her directness and her formidable work ethic. We bonded over our shared love of fashion, but we’ve stayed connected through so much more, including wine, war stories, and lately, the small business owner’s Covid survival tactics.

Sally is Melbourne’s leading personal stylist, better known on Instagram as ‘Styled By Sally’, she’s my friend, and now, she’s also one of my beautiful clients.

A  perfect muse for my Lucidity collection, and a perfect example of why investing in demi-couture is a worthy investment in yourself and your own style. In her work as a stylist (as well as being nearly six-foot-tall) Sally doesn’t always find the perfect fit off the rack, and it’s women like her that inspire my passion for bespoke and demi-couture.

When you find an outfit that actually fits, or you invest in having one made, it can be a magical transformation. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a ‘size you’ that’s been made for your body and your body alone.

Sally gets it, and her recent IGTV video is a testament to the freedom and power of dressing to a ‘size you’…

Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

What does a week in your shoes look like ‘normally’ and what does it look like now?

Normally my weeks revolve around meeting clients face to face six days a week and editing their wardrobes in their homes or shopping with them in the Melbourne CBD. There’s lots of admin, attending small business events, a night at the movies (with wine and popcorn), Sunday brunch at our local, and Pilates twice a week. Now, it’s a few online consultations, online Pilates, walks in the park and a lot more time creating content for Instagram and IGTV… and a lot more wine!

Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

What rituals or habits are you practicing at the moment to find joy?

Every morning I go to my local Earl Canteen for a latte, and avocado and ricotta on toast. I come home and sit at the kitchen bench, always with the ABC radio playing in the background (often Dan and Brett at the podium for the daily COVID update) and I catch up on Instagram messages. I love my new little ritual and I think I’m going to miss it!

Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

What was it like having Julie tailor an outfit for you ‘remotely’ with none of the usual face-to-face fittings?

It was lots of fun! The process was super easy and Julie’s measuring tips on the website made it even more seamless. She was a little surprised by some of my measurements (I’m very tall) so a few times we needed to re-measure to be sure, but it was always an easy process.

Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

Navy isn’t a ‘normal’ weekly-wardrobe colour for you. Why did you choose navy for your three-piece Lucidity set?

I don’t traditionally wear a lot of navy, but I do like it as a colour. I guess it’s not been a colour I’ve been drawn to, however I buy it a lot with clients. I decided to challenge my own preconceptions of navy (old, boring, classic) and introduce it into my wardrobe. Let’s just say I was very pleasantly surprised!

Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

You did an amazing IGTV on how to style your JGC Lucidity pieces – what were your favourite looks?

Without a doubt I loved the set worn simply with white trainers and the pants tied at the ankle. I can’t wait to wear this combination to work.


You have to pack a bag and you don’t know where you’re going. What essential items do you pack?

A floaty patterned dress, cropped straight leg jeans, white tee, white sneakers, strappy heels, a bum bag and probably a blazer to work with the dress.


Define how your Julie Goodwin Couture outfit makes you feel in three words?

Polished, sophisticated, luxurious.


Sally Mackinnon styles Julie Goodwin Couture

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