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Lucidity: a capsule collection of semi-tailored, easy fitting, easy care garments for now, and forever

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday June 19th 2020

Lucidity demi-couture ensemble - Julie Goodwin Couture


Isolation hasn’t been easy for me (for anyone for that matter), but with the forced downtime and the space to breathe and think, there have been plenty of silver linings and quite a few ‘ah ha’ moments.

My dislike of living in trackpants wasn’t one of them, it’s something I’ve always felt strongly about, but the realisation that other women might feel the way I do – certainly was.

I’d been wanting my wardrobe to give me more simple pleasure in isolation, but to me, that didn’t mean pulling on a tracksuit. Jeans just didn’t feel right. I wanted something to make me feel pulled together, but not trussed up. In my quest to feel ‘normal’ again, I made these pants for myself, and now I want to make them for you!

Whether you’re working from home, not working, doing business as usual (whatever that is) or a bit of everything, life has been complicated lately.


Lucidity demi-couture trouser - Julie Goodwin Couture


The Lucidity Collection

So, I designed three pieces for myself that work beautifully together or as stand-alone garments. Semi-tailored, easy fitting, easy care garments – a mini collection. It was a moment of clarity, so I’ve called it Lucidity.

Polished but comfortable, these elevated essentials are just right for now, and perfect for travel, when that’s on the agenda again. And the best news is, because they’re semi-tailored, I can make them by referring to only a few key measurements that you can take yourself.

Stay tuned for my measurement ‘how to’ guides and more inspiration behind the range, and don’t be shy – email me for more details, or check out the downloadable PDF with colourways, options and fit details.


Download the Lucidity pdf


Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

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Lucidity: a capsule collection of semi-tailored, easy fitting, easy care garments for now, and forever