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Fashionably moral; the new luxury. Dress ethically, sustainably in exquisite couture and artisan brands.

by Julie Goodwin, / Wednesday February 19th 2020

M Talks – Fashionably Moral with Julie Goodwin Couture


Many of us know the difference between luxury fashion and fast fashion, but there are a few misconceptions about luxury fashion that we’re going to debunk this Saturday.

– What is ‘the new luxury’ and why should every woman own a little piece of it in her wardrobe?

– Why is investing in your wardrobe, investing in yourself?

– Why is it so important to dress for your own body, style and figure?

– How is ‘the new luxury’ market solving fashion’s issues?


Who better to answer fashion’s most pressing questions than four of Melbourne’s renowned independent designers and couturiers; Estelle Michaelides, Kara Baker, Nevada Duffy and myself.

I’ll be opening up about my own experiences dressing women for over twenty years, and Janice Breen Burns will be armed with her best questions to dive deep into the art of original garments and the craft of couture. We’ll also be discussing the heritage values we practice that offer consumers one solution to fashion’s very modern problem of sustainability and ethical supply.


M Talks – Fashionably Moral with Julie Goodwin Couture


Being a modern couturier is an honour I practice with pride, and no two clients have ever been the same. Unlike many off-the-shelf garments that are repeated hundreds, sometimes thousands of times, the clothing I carefully and mindfully create is an embodiment of uniqueness and individuality.

The power of a piece of clothing can’t just be taken on face value either; quality, bespoke garments are a luxury, but not as you know it. This kind of luxury isn’t just about the price tag; luxury fashion is about the feeling, the gift you give yourself every time you step into an outfit that has been made for your body and your body alone.

Luxury fashion is an investment in the self, and I have a lot to share about what it means and why it’s so special.


Join me this Saturday 22nd February at MPavillion Melbourne from 3pm, and learn about ‘the new luxury’.

Tickets are free – see link below.

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