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I choose to work with Dormeuil because I care about the environment

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday October 14th 2019

Closeup of Julie Goodwin Couture fabrics


Luxury fashion isn’t just about the design and craftsmanship. Luxury fashion is about the details, the fabric, the texture and the story. I choose to use high-quality fabrics from the likes of Dormeuil because they feel better, they look better, and they last.

The House of Dormeuil is steeped in history, and I love bringing each piece of luxury cloth to life through timeless design. Dormeuil promotes an ethical approach to protect the planet, to respect human and animal rights, fair trade practices, and to combine preserved ancestral knowledge with technology development – so I can use beautiful fabrics with a clear conscience.

Most recently, Dormeuil was awarded the prestigious prize for ethical fashion in 2018 at the international fabrics show Milano Unica to reward its involvement in traceability and sourcing. Dormeuil’s history is fascinating, and the brand it is today is built on five generations of cloth-makers dating back to 1842.

When I am working with Dormeuil fabrics, I know I can trust their quality and their supply chain too. Each fibre is ethically sourced and only the highest quality of wool is used, fostering the principles of sustainable growth. I admire Dormeuil’s great respect for the planet, and it’s one of the many reasons I choose to use such special cloth.


Closeup of inside of a Julie Goodwin jacket


A high level of quality and strong reputation such as Dormeuil’s is not something that comes easily, and I know the concept of a ‘slow build’ all too well. Quality, reputation and reliability are not commonly found in the fashion world, but they should be.

I’m proud of the name I’ve established in Julie Goodwin Couture, and there’s a reason my clients depend on my pieces season after season, and come back for reliable staples and bespoke event wear. Quality isn’t something that comes quickly, or is pulled off the rack. It’s made for one body, one person, in a bespoke manner with quality cloth.

If you’ve been searching for quality, luxury staples that you’ll wear again and again, pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting.

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