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The difference between bespoke and made to measure fashion

by Julie Goodwin, / Sunday April 7th 2019


When you’re searching for a designer to make you something special, you’ll want to make sure you’re searching for the right one. Whether it’s a two-piece ensemble for an everyday office outfit, a little black dress for special occasions, a standout racing outfit, a stunning Winter coat, or a wedding dress you’ve spent your life dreaming about – the right kind of maker is essential.

I have clients who come to me knowing what kind of outfit they want, but not knowing exactly how to describe it, and the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘made to measure’ are often confused. If you’re searching online, it pays to use the correct terms, as there are clear differences between bespoke and made to measure fashion.

A made to measure garment will differ slightly from wearer to wearer, but the pattern is adjusted from a standard pattern. For example, a collection is made in a sample size, and when a client orders a style from the range in their size the pattern remains the same with minor adjustments available in limited areas (perhaps bust, waist, and hems). There are generally one or no fittings.



A bespoke garment, however, starts with your measurements, and the pattern is then made around each specification of your body. I’ll draft a new pattern from scratch, every time, and complete the final garment over a series of fittings (my studio is bulging with archived patterns). Bespoke garments are a better fit because each and every curve is taken into account, as are the individual requirements of the wearer. Comfort, movement and the specific fit the client is after are discussed at length, and multiple fittings are necessary to achieve perfection.


At Julie Goodwin Couture, I only make bespoke garments.

I work closely with each and every one of my clients, and I know that no two bodies are the same. Every client is different, as are their expectations and requirements, and I never know exactly what approach I will take until I meet and chat with each lady. But what I do know, is that I love what I do, and my women love the garments I make them.

If you’re unsure about your body type or you’ve been looking for the perfect fit, pop into my Albert Park studio and I’ll happily walk you through my process.

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