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Couture and colour trends for the spring summer season ahead

by Julie Goodwin, / Monday November 11th 2019

Classic, bespoke fashion never goes out of style, and there is no such thing as a ‘passing trend’ when it comes to couture. I can spend days, weeks and months, making and remaking some of my garments, because there are no short cuts with couture.

The value of bespoke fashion and couture is in the process; when fashion is well-made by hand, it lasts, and long-lasting fashion is the only kind of fashion there should be. My clients own their Julie Goodwin Couture outfits for decades. While they may return year after year for a newly fitted jacket in an updated colour, or a repeat style of skirt in a new length, every piece they own stands the test of time, season after season, year after year.


‘Claire’ cocktail dress in duchess silk satin.


When I design and make new additions to my collection, I don’t design ‘on trend’. Turmeric yellow, red earth, sage green and cerulean blue might be the 2019/20 spring summer colour favourites, but if they don’t suit you or your lifestyle, I won’t recommend them for you. If they do suit you, you’ll be wearing a piece in that colour well beyond next year!

The secret to a sustainable wardrobe that always looks ‘on trend’ (if that’s your fashion goal), is to style ageless bespoke pieces and accessories in a way that reflects the current ‘en vogue’ style. A timeless garment like my ‘Claire dress’, for instance, would work beautifully with an earth-red silk neck-tie scarf, a pair of black and cerulean blue heels and sapphire earrings – all classics in their own right.

If you invest in your pieces, you’ll always have a wardrobe that works.

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