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How to be your own bridal couture client

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday November 28th 2017


If you’ve been following me at all you may have noticed that I was recently married to my partner of 6 years, David.

From the moment we announced our intention to marry the questions began. Had we set a date?

Where was the wedding to be held?

How many were we inviting?

Was I going to make my own dress?

As an “over 40” bride, I was keen to downplay the gown’s role in the whole thing, but in the end, I did everything any of my most difficult brides has done and more to make my own dress one of the biggest couture challenges I have ever faced.


Rules for brides

#1 – Leave yourself plenty of time

With 11 months to go I knew it would be a big year and I wanted this gown done and dusted by February.

I knew that navy was my colour, so I promptly went to Tylers Fabrics to purchase my dream textile. Only to find I had to wait over 2 months for it to come in. This made number two difficult to adhere to.


#2 – Don’t look at more styles once you’ve decided on yours.

When the fabric arrived in March, I put it in my studio where there never seemed quite enough time to get to work on it. But I looked at that fabric every day…



#3 – Don’t look at your dress too often.



#4 – Don’t show your fiancé.

Not only did I decide on full disclosure early on, as my fiancé said, “how will I know what to wear if I don’t know what you’re wearing?” (eye roll). But who else was I going to get to help me with fittings?



#5 – Set a budget.

With 6 weeks to go I decided I needed a train, lace appliqué and extra beading (see rule #2). Italian lace does not come cheaply, my friends.


#6 – Enjoy the process of having this beautiful bespoke piece created just for you.

You’re joking – right?



#7 – Don’t lose weight.

Nailed that one : ) Thank you, chardonnay.


Happily ever after!

On the day, when I put it on, there were gasps of admiration from my ‘squad’. I felt nothing. I knew every stitch and sequin intimately and, to me, it looked like … a dress. But the photos! Oh they are amazing! I felt comfortable. I felt like me. I LOVE my dress.

Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most talented directors, and a Julie Goodwin Couture muse.

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