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Styling a winter wedding with the right design and details

by Julie Goodwin, / Wednesday May 9th 2018

Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


Spring may be the most popular season to tie the knot, but for me, it’s wedding season all year round. I’m always inspired by the creative brides who come to me for a custom made Julie Goodwin Couture gown, and even more so by their bridal party ideas.

Designing custom made wedding dresses for my brides’ specific measurements is the easy part – well, it’s a delicate, lengthy process involving hours of craftsmanship and hand stitching – but it’s when a bride decides to celebrate her big day in winter, that the fun really starts.

I’ve designed wedding dresses for all types of women, from conventional princess cuts to two-piece ensembles, and when I’m challenged by the chill of winter, I love stepping away from the traditional wedding aesthetic and designing something genuinely bespoke.

As a confident self-taught couturier, I keep my fundamentals in mind – shape, colour, silhouette and balance – but the rest, I tailor to the bride and shape the final design with the weather in mind.

A long sleeve, a layered peplum, a double-lined bodice or a delicate layer of lace; designing for a winter wedding is all about the details and the textures, the finishing touches, and the last few threads.

And as with all of my bespoke pieces, my winter wedding dresses are tailored to the millimetre, and there’s nothing better than the feeling of a made to measure gown for a picture perfect wedding day.


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