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Less can be more when it comes to a couture wedding dress

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday February 1st 2019

Your fashion sense is unique, and style is individual, yet fashion somehow connects all of us. Fashion is something that we all engage with on a personal level, as well as collectively with the ebbs and flows of trends and changes in the world.

Over the years, I’ve watched wedding dress trends change too, but no matter who I’ve dressed or how different each one of my clients is, they all share one similarity – they understand that less is often more when it comes to a couture wedding dress. Perhaps it’s the reason they come to me, as restraint is ingrained in my design process.


‘Charlise’ ruched silk organza gown.

I know how a dress should fit.

I understand the female form because I am, after all, a woman myself. I know how a waist should fit and feel. I know how snug and supportive a bustline should be. I understand what it feels like to be so comfortable I could conquer the world, but I also know what it feels like to be uncomfortable. When a woman is standing at the end of the aisle in a dress that she doesn’t feel utterly comfortable in, it can be a niggle that ruins the day.


‘Empress’ gown in textured silk crepe


Being comfortable.

Being comfortable on your wedding day should be your utmost priority, but comfort is not just about a perfectly fitting dress. When it comes to couture, comfort is about the feeling, the details, the final touches, the personality of the dress – the little things that reflect who you are. Comfort is the complete design, the beads, the positioning of each button, the length of the hem… It all plays an essential part in the bigger picture.

The key is wearing a wedding dress that reflects who you are, not just one that makes a big statement when you walk in. If you’ve been searching for a dress that does that, come and spend an hour in my Albert Park studio and let me show you that less is indeed more.


‘Empress’ gown in textured silk crepe

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