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‘Are you an apple?’ Why a woman is not a piece of fruit.

by Julie Goodwin, / Thursday May 9th 2019

Fruit pile in a woman’s hands - Julie Goodwin Couture.jpg


I dress women of all shapes and sizes, and instead of narrowing them down into a specific number, I prefer a term I’ve coined – a ‘size you’. We’re all different, and every year is different too. I should know; I’ve been designing and making for my own body for over half my life now, and I know myself just how much we can fluctuate.

Finding your perfect size off the rack can be frustrating, and I’ve had many a shopping day end in feelings of defeat. And the lack of a standard, regulated sizing system makes things even trickier.

It’s one of the many reasons I love what I do. Helping women feel beautiful when they look in the mirror – no matter what their size – is a privilege I take seriously, but there’s still a lot of fun in it too! I can suggest certain styles for certain shapes, and when you understand your body shape, it’s easy to dress in a way that compliments it too.


Group of woman different sizes - Julie Goodwin Couture


It is impossible to determine a set size rule for all women, and it is just as impossible to give style advice for ‘pear’, ‘hourglass’, or ‘triangle’ shapes – to name a few commonly used descriptors – because even subtle variations in height and other measurements change the body’s proportions.

I absolutely love designing for hourglass and pear-shaped bodies. I also love designing for tall women, petite women, women with large busts, women with small busts, pregnant women, women over 60, women under 30, you get the picture – ALL women.

Because all women can find something to celebrate in themselves and their bodies, and I love helping them to do that.

In my opinion no style is off limits for any shape when it’s been made to your measurements and your measurements alone. Pop into my Albert Park studio and let me show you the best styles for your body, and experience just how good a ‘size you’ can feel.


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