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Kate Atkinson accepts a Logie Award wearing Julie Goodwin Couture

by Julie Goodwin, / Friday July 20th 2018

Kate Atkinson sleeve detail - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


Kate Atkinson accepts a Logie Award wearing Julie Goodwin Couture.

When I was asked to dress Kate Atkinson for The Logies, I was honoured to have even been considered to dress such an incredible and talented woman. The thought of seeing a custom made Julie Goodwin Couture gown grace the red carpet at Australia’s premier entertainment awards was enough for me.

I loved every minute of the endless hours I spent hand-beading her gown, with no thought as to whether she would win or not. Kate accepted two awards on Sunday night, and in front of Australian viewers all around the country, she stood up on stage wearing a custom-made Julie Goodwin Couture gown.

Kate Atkinson dress - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier


Kate’s dress was never about the win though, it was about designing a dress that would give her the confidence and comfort she needed to enjoy her night.

This wasn’t just any dress, it was a winning dress, but every dress that I design and handmake is. It doesn’t matter if you’re stepping up on stage to accept a Logie in front of thousands, stepping in and out of the office, or walking down the aisle, a winning dress is one that fits, one that feels good, and one that’s made just for you.


It’s about the woman.

Wanting to look good and feel good without compromising either, is something every woman deserves, and it’s what I love so much about the intimate process of designing dresses for my beautiful clients.

It’s something I encourage women to understand when we work through the designing process together; a couture dress isn’t just about the dress, it’s about the woman.


Kate Atkinson dress - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier

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