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Julie Goodwin Couture on Channel 10: Playing For Keeps

by Julie Goodwin, / Tuesday November 27th 2018

It’s been a big year for me, and I’ll be proudly wrapping up 2018 with a little list of triumphs and some incredible collaborations.

In the last few months alone, I’ve worked with a handful of women in the media that I’ve admired from this side of the screen for years, and I’ve dressed a few new faces that embody what I’m all about.

It’s one of the many things I love about my ‘job’; I get to work with incredible women, I get to make women feel good in their skin, and I get to meet the women who inspire me. My muses are my every day women just as much as they are my superstars, and every woman I dress is part of my bigger picture.

Playing For Keeps

Most recently, the incredible Rachael Dennis styled my range on the cast of Channel 10’s ‘Playing For Keeps’, and the results (as always when Rachael is involved) were nothing short of stunning.


Madeleine West - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier

Madeleine West plays Kath Rickards 


Olympia Valance - Julie Goodwin Couture Melbourne couturier

Olympia Valance plays Tahlia Woods

You don’t have to be a celebrity stylist or a celebrity to wear Julie Goodwin Couture though, and that’s another thing I’m proud of. Whatever body shape you have, whatever size you are, whatever style you are; each and every Julie Goodwin Couture piece can be made in a ‘size you’ for your measurements, your body, and your style.

Whether it’s for a feature film, a weekend event, a normal Monday or just because, every woman deserves to feel great in her skin and her wardrobe, and I can certainly help with that.

Pop into my Albert Park studio for a fitting and experience just how good a ‘size you’ can feel.

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